Client: Ceva - (Brands: Feliway & Adaptil)

Task: increase sales by identifying and delivering incremental consumer reach.

Campaign context: cats and dogs get stressed when their owners’ behaviour conflicts with their instincts. For example, dogs are pack animals, they are not suited to being left alone in the house. Cats are territorial, any changes to the normal home routine will disturb them.

Challenge: education that pet behaviour viewed as “bad” is in fact normal. It’s the owners stressing the pets that’s the problem, not the other way around.

Solution: drive awareness at the top end of the funnel by selective use of television, supported by strategic use of digital channels and formats to bring respondents through the brand consideration phase to purchase.


Native Content - BuzzFeed


Client: Ceva - Adaptil

Task: create from existing video footage idents for broadcast sponsorship.

Campaign context: Adaptil had sponsored Crufts broadcast on Channel 4 and programme idents were required very quickly to meet broadcast deadlines.

Challenge: cost effectively adapt existing video footage into a format fit for broadcast that would satisfy regulatory approval for sponsorship.

Solution: pre-clearance with Clearcast and broadcaster of script, before editing appealing footage of puppies into a cohesive set of idents to communicate brand associations.