Client: ellaOne

Task: POM to P switch

Campaign context: ellaOne is the most effective emergency contraception pill on the market. It works by delaying ovulation, and is designed for occasional use by women who do not want to risk pregnancy in the event of failed contraception or unprotected sex. It was approved for availability directly from pharmacies, upon consultation without prescription, early 2015.  Acumen was invited to develop a campaign to generate latent brand awareness against a defined audience, the core objective to ensure that when women presented for consultation, they would ask for ellaOne by name.

Challenge: Getting a sympathetic balance between enough brand exposure to deliver latent awareness, without tipping into overexposure was essential for this most sensitive of topics, and deliver OTC success through consumer request.

Solution: an omni-channel campaign utilising a variety of media formats to encourage target audience “self-discovery” and promote earned media value through social media recommendation. 






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