Client: Enterosgel

Task: Enterosgel is a drug free solution for common tummy troubles. It also provides an alternative treatment regime for allergies and IBS. Introducing the brand to the UK consumer, justifying a position as a premium brand to maintain retail distribution was the task.

Campaign context: The brand was developed from traditional remedies used in Eastern Europe at a time when investment for pharma products was limited. Clinical trials, undertaken in traditional heartlands demonstrate efficacy against a wide range of conditions from diarrhoea, indigestion, travellers’ tummy through to IBS. The brand currently enjoys 40% of the Russian market. Presented in a gel format, the product is taken orally, mixed with water. It can be used as a prophylactic.

Challenge: Educate consumers about the brand, its efficacy and unusual format for the UK market. Establish premium brand credentials.

Solution: Delivered a content-rich, narrative driven strategy to educate, raise brand awareness and differentiate Enterosgel from standard OTC remedies against a range of conditions and distinct target groups. Combine with traditional print activity designed to drive offline sales through selected retail outlets.

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