Client: FLEXISEQ Active

Task: Launch FlexiSEQ Active in to the competitive topical analgesics market and grow the brand franchise in support of FlexiSEQ Classic.

Campaign context: FlexiSEQ Classic has been successful in the market for the past three years. It is targeted at the older, osteo-arthritis market consumer and positioned in the premium price segment of the market. In order to extend the market franchise, Active was to be introduced to a “want to remain” active 35+, but not OA sufferers market, at a lower price point.  

Challenge: Increase the brand franchise without cannibalising the existing Classic market volume or value share. 

Solution: Delivered a content-rich strategy to educate and raise brand awareness and differentiate FLEXISEQ Active from FLEXISEQ Classic. Directed targeted clicks through to the website and subsequent purchase funnel through a mix native content hosted on various premium publishers, print and social activity.

Native - AOL

Digital Display