Brand narrative in the digital age

Business objectives for advertising campaigns vary, however, the singular aim is about changing ongoing consumer behaviour. This can mean either increasing sales or market share – i.e. buy brand x, or buy more of brand x, or getting the target audience to shift opinions – for example, you used to/currently think that - now think this instead.

Whether via the strategy of brand or direct response, or some point along the continuum between the two, it is acknowledged that the best advertising delivers return on investment by using creative work that connects. No narrative, no brand truths, no change in behaviour. Like all abstract constructs, brand truths are created by storytelling.  Media, a prime source for public information, is a powerful conduit for narrative.

So, how well does the vast majority of current digital media advertising fit the role of providing narrative?

Leaving aside the role of search, which plays a directional role once consumers are in buy mode, are advertisers using the online medium effectively to establish brand narrative? Is advertising applied in a manner that allows for the creation of consumer truths via storytelling?

Do the media owners provide advertising solutions that connect with audiences and build social truths?

Do consumers enjoy a positive or negative experience from advertising online? Whilst they may be aware that without the advertising they would not be enjoying access to content, why does it have to be such a bad experience for them? Take a look here .

Why is advertising on the new media formatted in the same style as that on traditional media, i.e. an interruption model in between editorial content, completely at odds in style and relevance to the surrounding environment – a new medium with advertising sold on an old medium basis.

Currently the vast majority of online advertising opportunities are holding back the viability of the medium to move beyond playing a complementary role to established media when it comes to delivering the emotional connections essential for branding campaigns. Being known as the medium that’ only good at delivering the functional, not the emotional, will limit revenue growth.