Agency / Client Relationships

In most situations the media agency/client relationship is clearly defined in the terms of business- those terms generally revolve around length of contract and the monetary reward payable to the Agency for its services to the client regarding media placement. This is true of large & small agencies alike. So when appointing an agency it is important to look beyond price and envisage a situation where the agency will agree and wish to be more involved with the client’s Marketing Department and to become proactive in those marketing plans.

The agency will become an extension of the client’s marketing department and will be rewarded for subsequent success.

Successful Direct Response clients and campaigns have usually benefited by creating this relationship with their agency and reap the rewards of inventive transparent campaigns that work. These Campaigns are ever-evolving. Agencies or clients are never able to relax even in times when response and conversions are buoyant. It’s essential that campaigns are constantly refined.

At Acumen Direct Response this is the approach we take with all our clients so that over time we become experts in our clients’ field in order to deliver to them the best possible service.